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Inheritance Law

At Economou & Economou Law Office we understand that the passing of a loved one can be an emotional and challenging time. It’s a period of reflection, grief, and transition. During such moments, our best Inheritance Lawyers in Greece stand by your side to ensure that your family’s legacy is handled with the utmost care, sensitivity, and expertise. With a commitment to excellence and years of experience, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of inheritance law. If you have a case of inheritance you can have the right answers and get legal advice from our expert lawyers in Inheritance & Real Estate in Athens, Greece.

  • There are millions of forgotten funds waiting to be claimed. Could you have inherited more than you realize? 
  • How to recover unclaimed inheritance money?
  • What are the inheritance rules in Greece?
  • Who inherits under the Greek law 
  • How much is inheritance tax?
  • How to find missing heirs?

Under Greek law without a will(intestate succession), there are six ranks which are used to determine who is called upon to inherit the estate 

  1. First: The descendants of the testator (Children)
  2. Second: Children and grandchildren
  3. Third: Grandfathers and grandmothers
  4. Forth: Great-Grandfathers and Great-Grandmothers
  5. Fifth If no relatives in the first four ranks, only the surviving spouse
  6. Sixth: The State.

The descendants of the testator are called upon to join the first rank, in other words the first rank consists of the children of the deceased who are called upon to either accept or renounce the inheritance. Children inherit in equal portions, in other words they each receive the same percentage.

Extremely Caution must be given in case of Taxpayers who, along with real estate or movable assets, inherit the debts of those who have died are at risk of getting into trouble with the State. Debts to the Tax Office or the municipalities are not written off but are “passed on” to the descendants. In fact, there are not a few cases where the heirs are unaware that their relative did not leave a will, as a result of which they miss the deadline to renounce the inheritance and are burdened with the debts of the heir

  • So in which timeframe can the heir renounce the inheritance?
  • If the heir is resident abroad, how long can he renounce the inheritance?
  • How is the disclaimer of inheritance done and in which court?
  • What are the consequences if the opt-out period expires?
  • What applies to minor children and how can they renounce the inheritance?

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