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The best English speaking lawyers in Greece Economou & Economou law office excellence in inheritance and real estate law

Best English speaking lawyers in Greece for inheritance and real estate law

After a decade of court practice in Greek courts, in fall of 1975, Panagiotis (Panos) Economou Esq. Supreme Court of Greece English French and German speaking lawyer in Athens opens his Law Office in private-owned premises in Kolonaki, namely, in Didotou & 26 Asklipiou streets, Athens Greece.

Thus, following the long year lawyer family tradition, commenced by his grandfather, US Lawyer, with the same name Panagiotis Economou, in Chicago, back in the 1915’s, in the USA, continued in down town Athens the aforementioned lawyers family, tradition.

In 2015 the son of Panos, Miltos, with full name Miltiadis (Miltos) Economou  becoming himself a Supreme Court of Greece English French German and Italian speaking lawyer in Athens Greece, become senior partner of Economou & Economou law office in Athens Greece and as one of the best Greek inheritance and real estate lawyer in Greece, practices law, establishing and securing the continuation of the family Law tradition in Athens.

As it is known, the area of Kolonaki constitutes the heart of Law and social and financial life of modern Athens.

Athens, known as agglomerate thousands of years before, with Acropolis in its heart, is the junction of the old with the super modern times.

The same way, as the city of Athens, the family traditional law office of Economou & Economou constitutes a most successful adaptation example, in facing the challenge during the long year law practice, beginning with the time consuming public administration and Tax law including maritime Law and in adapting and extending this practice, to internet law, such as personal data protection and criminal law especially white collar criminal practices.

Nevertheless as further down shown in the area of practice analytically, the Law of derivates and hedge funds, Merges and acquisitions Law, fintech Law , Cryptocurrency law, cyber Law, criminal Law, Internet law, Intellectual property law, Trademarks, Patents, Royalties Law, Franchise Law, Construction Law, Real estate Law, Family Law, Divorce Law, Enforcement Law, Insolvency Law, Inheritance Law, Corporate Law, Banking Law, Shipping Law, Aviation Law, Law of Insurance and insurance of credits, i.e. new law fields emerging in this 21st century have been the issues upon which our member lawyers have a theoretical practice obtained by their specializations in Law schools locally and abroad and turned into practice in Greece.

Economou & Economou Law Office is continuing to fight as a pioneer in Greek Courts, in protecting the entrusted rights of its principals, in this south eastern European corner land, that represents the cradle of culture.

With Law correspondents almost all over the World and with Lawyers practice in the area of Balkan Countries including Turkey, Economou & Economou law office in Athens Greece provides top tier legal services as the best boutique law office in Athens provides the best English speaking lawyers in Greece, French speaking lawyers in Greece, German speaking lawyers in Greece, Italian speaking lawyers in Greece and Turkish speaking lawyers in Greece, having lived and experienced in Law practice and business, in Istanbul, Berlin, Paris New York, USA, London UK and Canada, Economou & Economou Law Office today presents an international Law Practice, in and outside the Greek Territory and The Republic of Cyprus, not limited in the territory of the EU consist of the best lawyers in Greece that are not just another English speaking lawyers in Greece but a truly international law firm in Greece.

As specialized lawyers in Greece, in EU, and furthermore, as earlier attorneys at Law in the united States, are proud to daresay, that they have been able to serve and protect the interests of the clients of the office, throughout the years and express their gratitude to the confidence shown, by a wide range of multinational corporations, as well as foreign and Greek, small people, individual clients.

In 1998, with legal studies in Athens Ms Kyriaki Economou, English speaking lawyer in Greece, enforces and increases, with her Law general litigation practice and specialization as traffic accidents, damage claim expert, the team of Economou & Economou Law office in Athens Greece.

Later back, in 1998 Ms Joanna Economou with legal studies in the University of Fribourg-Switzerland in German and French speaking law faculty successfully graduated, and with a master degree in multimedia law, immaterial property rights, international business law, obtained by the faculty of law of Robert Schumann University of Strasbourg in France, joins the Law office Economou & Economou.

Ms Ioanna Economou is a member of the Athens Bar, called also to the Supreme Court of Greece and is today an experienced with long years law practice in Athens, an experienced Lawyer, practicing  as Barrister as well as solicitor.

The lawyer Ms Ioanna Economou as a French speaking lawyer in Greece with specialized law practice in Strasbourg France Bern and Geneve Switzerland and Brussels known as the heart of the EU, located now as international law partner and practing law in Economou & Economou law office in Athens, supporting, the  modern law fields in IP law commercial real estate law and corporate law of Economou & Economou law office.

The members of Economou & Economou law office are mainly called to the Athens and International law bar associations.

The chief senior partner of  the Law office, Economou & Economou , today,  is Miltiadis (Miltos) Economou Esq and he  is called also  to the  Supreme Court  of Greece the so called Arios Pagos, (the old name of Supreme Court of ancient Greece) an English speaking lawyer in Greece being both as barrister and solicitor in the sense outlined in  English law tradition and practice.

Economou & Economou law office in Athens Greece, has a long law practice in Greece and the EU, including Turkey, and has offices all over Greece, the mainland and the islands including the republic of Cyprus.

Economou & Economou law office with its organization and geographical placement, could daresay, that has a lawyer available on the spot in Greece even in the most isolated 3000 islands scattered over in Aegean, Ionian and Cretan archipelagos.

The above is true, mainly for those, who would like to enjoy the Greek sun and sea by buying a property in the islands or in the mainland or doing business in Greece and the large area of Middle East region and need a sound legal coverage.

The globalization prevailing in the world and the financial restructuring of the economies of the ex-communist countries neighboring to Greece and nevertheless their expectations to join the EU and the monetary union makes Greece a pioneer and justifies the saying that Greece is the Switzerland of the Balkans.

Having the euro crisis behind and with a real estate golden visa Greece program that provides top investment opportunities, the touristic boom, and blooming maritime fleet, in the recent years, Greece constitutes a stabilizing factor in the area and by all right has high expectations in seeing her gross national income product amazingly increasing.

The collaborators of Economou & Economou law office in Australia, Latin America, USA, Canada and Japan with corresponding offices with resident partners in the EU, gives to this traditionally family office, an international aspect an a promising future by top tier and high end qualified international and worldwide multi language and English speaking lawyers in Greece and abroad.

The synthesis of long year’s law tradition and practice and the further specialization and the enrichment of the staff continuously, with young collaborators and the endeavor of the Economou & Economou law office to the “open door” policy to new collaborations, world-wide, strengthen its role and expansions efforts in South Eastern Europe.

The best lawyers in Greece of Economou & Economou law office in Athens would be very pleased to answer any queries you may have regarding matters in Greece, with a focus on the subjects that have always constituted our core business, namely debts collection, commercial litigation, NPL, bankruptcy and insolvency.

As you already know, collecting everywhere could seem sometimes difficult, due to the fact that a lot of factors  impose serious challenges: but debt collection is simpler when you use a trustable firm, fluent in the laws and customs of the country where the debtor resides. Economou & Economou law office is an indy and trustable law office extremely specialized and focused in offering on-the-ground activity completely dedicated to assist all companies with the collection of their outstanding debts and AR in Greece.

Furthermore, Economou & Economou law office is active in all further sectors of debt collection, NPL, bankruptcy, insolvency, civil and commercial matters and generally in rendering cross-border legal services to all its clients.

To date, our clients have been private companies, law firms, DCAs, individuals, groups and management teams that have been helped and well supported to optimise their collection activity.

English speaking lawyers in Athens Greece Economou & Economou law offfice

English speaking lawyers in Greece


The following have been the representative clients that our office has handled, in several cases, during past years, in Greece i.e.
American Express Services Europe Ltd., IBM World Trade Corp. (Greece), Coca Cola (Greece), Nova Scotia (Canadian Bank), Deutsche Bank (Hamburg), Sparkasse Germersheim, The Royal Bank Of Canada, Chevron Oil International, Biomed GmbH, Continental Electronic Manufacturers Inc USA, several German firms and legal entities, such as DRV Deutscher Ruderverband, Lufthansa, Siemens collaborators in Greece such as EVEPI Industrial company and several other small people and individuals having pending legal cases in Greece in form of execution of family Law oriented German court decisions and rulings and judgments concerning divorce cases, Schadenersatz cases, alimony, in other words and legal terminology legal claims and collections, that necessitated a Greek Lawyer always needed on the spot, as legal support to civil and penal law cases.

Several UK, US, French and German law firms apart from the aforementioned multies have been supported by this Law Office in Athens and in Greece for the pending litigation of their clients in our Greek Law jurisdiction and Law Court practice.