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A message from our founder

In the frame of the new restructuring of our Law Office we would like to make it known to our clients all over the world, ‘collaborators’ and worldwide acting financial experts, hedge funds and prospect investors in Greece that our Law Office has re-focused its activities to the following:

Economou & Economou Law Office established in Athens Greece, many decades ago having a long year court legal practice, is concentrating its basic future activities to the creating and establishing in Athens of corporation bodies of whatsoever legal form.

Undertakes the legal representation of foreign legal entities doing business in Greece in their taxations problems raised with the Tax authorities in Greece by granting Court support defending their rights before the administrative Courts of Athens.

Having successfully arranged mergers and acquisitions among corporate entities in the EU, USA and the Middle East has now focused its law support activities to the granting of legal aid on new startups in an effort to help young entrepreneurs Greek and foreigners to establish not only in Athens but all over Greece and in particular in the Greek Islands new corporations with the help in the financial sector by the EU incentive programs.

To this last end our Law Office grants all Legal Support FREE in other words no fee is payable to our Law Office and instead of legal remuneration we look for a free participation to a small share on corporate capital of the legal entity to be created.

The recent takeover by the Saudi Arabian Fund of the ASTIR of Vouliagmeni, (Athens suburb) hotels and marines which in fact is one of the most interesting investments amounting to a value of invested capital of almost a half billion Euros in Athens sea side luxurious port, shows by itself the great financial interest and verifies the positive expectations from the luxurious seven stars tourism in GREECE.

Our Law Office has granted legal help to foreign natural persons and legal entities and represents interests of several investors established in Near East basically in Emirates, Germany, France USA Canada and Australia China included.

To the above end the Chinese Turkish English French German Italian and even Japanese speaking staff and lawyers of this Law Office has greatly contributed in merging the different financial interests facing the challenge in this many promising time of financial and monetary crisis in Greece witch to all parts concerned constitutes a great opportunity for very promising investments in stock market in Athens as well as in the real estate and in the touristic business sector.

Real Estate with tremendous low sale prices of houses and apartments offered in Athens in main Greece and specially in the Greek Islands, is in fact a very promising investment branch and already in the Greek Islands a lot of property is changing hands and a lot of Greeks of the Diaspora and several individuals from all parts of the world are investing and the demand is gross.

As usual in cases like the above the prices are expected to increase so that those who will invest today will be the first to be the winners tomorrow.

Our Law Office has already many projects expecting investors from abroad who having secured a private credit line might be interested to proceed to mergers and acquisitions of real estate so to develop touristic projects in Greece collaborating with local businessmen and under our Law Office legal umbrella.

We are just a click away it will cost you nothing to click our home page sending us an email so to investigate the possibility to place your investment interests on the first place of the already projects that are under developments in Greece.

We assure our present and future clients of our always best diligence and attention.

Economou & Economou

Law Office