The safety issues of Deepfake Technology

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The safety issues of Deepfake Technology

In recent years there has been an evolution in the applications found in the digital smartphone app stores and any user with minimal knowledge can make use of the technology based on any facial photo and add voice, including perpetrators who deceive users to steal their personal information such as bank accounts through social network accounts without the consent of the users themselves.

Several apps for identity purposes such as banking or eGovernment apps ask the users to take a photo of their face in special lighting conditions and from multiple sides.

The reason why it becomes more difficult to detect fraudsters is in the technology being too close and reaching the limits of reality making it difficult for them. According to Simon Horswell, he pointed out that by 2021 and so far there will have been a small number of apes and adds that both their easy access and the minimal technical knowledge needed for these tools have contributed to the increase in fraud incidents over time

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