Sports Law

Sports Law

At Economou & Economou law office in Greece, the best sports lawyers in Greece, combine a profound understanding of national regulations with a deep appreciation for the historic significance of the Olympic Games. With a keen focus on the unique challenges and opportunities within the Greek sporting landscape, our sports lawyers stand ready to champion your legal needs. Navigate the complexities of sports regulation with confidence, guided by a team that shares your passion for the enduring spirit of the Olympic Games in the birthplace of this global sporting tradition.
Greece has successfully welcomed Athletes from around the World and hosted successfully for third time in a row in 2004 the Olympics Games, that were the most characteristic expression of the competitive spirit of the ancient Greeks. 
Individually, Greece has some of the best athletes in the world rewarded with gold metals at the Olympic Games and a bright carrier around the world in every sports sector but problems remain regarding sports violence.

At Economou & Economou law office, we understand that in the world of sports, legal victories are as crucial as on-field triumphs. Our team of Sports Lawyers in Greece is your winning team, dedicated to safeguarding your interests, ensuring fair play, and championing your success in and out of the arena with:

Global Reach, Local Impact:
In the interconnected world of sports, our global reach is complemented by a local impact. Economou & Economou law office offers a unique blend of international expertise and local insight, enabling athletes and sports entities to navigate the legal landscape with finesse, whether on a global stage or within local jurisdictions.

Comprehensive Sports Law Services:
From contract negotiations and dispute resolution to anti-doping regulations and intellectual property matters, Economou & Economou law office provides a comprehensive suite of sports law services. Our attorneys are well-versed in the unique legal challenges faced by athletes, teams, and sports-related businesses.

Advocates for Fair Play and Integrity:
Beyond legal representation, Economou & Economou law office stands as an advocate for fair play and integrity in sports. We work tirelessly to uphold the principles that make sports a noble pursuit, ensuring that our clients compete on a level playing field both on and off the field of play.

Strength in Legal Strategy:
Just as athletes hone their skills, we specialize in honing legal strategies. Economou & Economou law office partners with clients to develop and execute robust legal strategies, ensuring that they navigate the complexities of sports law with strength, precision, and a winning mindset.

Elevate Your Sports Legal Game:
Elevate your sports legal game with Economou & Economou law office. Our team is dedicated to providing expert legal guidance, ensuring that your victories are not just celebrated but protected. Schedule a consultation and let us be your legal champions in the thrilling world of sports law.

In case you need expert legal advice from the top Sports Lawyers of Economou & Economou law office in Greece for:

  1. Player Contracts and Transfers:
    • Conflict over contract disputes between players and teams.
    • Disputes arising from the transfer of players between clubs, involving contractual obligations and financial terms.
  2. Disciplinary Actions and Player Conduct:
    • Conflicts over disciplinary actions taken by sports governing bodies against players for misconduct, doping, or rule violations.
    • Legal challenges to decisions regarding player suspensions and fines.
  3. Intellectual Property Disputes:
    • Conflicts related to the unauthorized use of trademarks, logos, or other intellectual property belonging to sports organizations.
    • Disputes over licensing and merchandising agreements.
  4. Antitrust and Competition Law:
    • Legal challenges to league rules or practices that may be deemed anticompetitive.
    • Conflicts over the establishment or relocation of sports franchises, invoking antitrust considerations.
  5. Labor and Employment Issues:
    • Disputes between professional athletes and teams regarding employment contracts, salary negotiations, and contractual obligations.
    • Conflicts over collective bargaining agreements between player unions and league management.
  6. Player Safety and Liability:
    • Legal actions related to injuries sustained during sports events, questioning the responsibility of teams, leagues, or equipment manufacturers.
    • Disputes over the enforcement of safety protocols and regulations.
  7. Media Rights and Broadcasting:
    • Conflicts over the negotiation and distribution of media rights for broadcasting sports events.
    • Disputes regarding the use of player images and likeness in media and advertising.
  8. Sports Betting and Integrity:
    • Legal challenges related to sports betting regulations and licensing.
    • Conflicts arising from allegations of match-fixing or other forms of corruption in sports.
  9. Facility and Venue Disputes:
    • Conflicts over the use, ownership, or management of sports facilities and venues.
    • Legal disputes arising from issues such as zoning, construction, or maintenance of sports infrastructure.
  10. National and International Jurisdiction:
    • Conflicts related to jurisdictional issues when events involve participants, teams, or organizations from different countries.
    • Legal disputes over the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards or judgments.

In the sports Court of Justice we speak fluent success:Seek Greece’s Premier Legal Team if you want the top tier sports law office in Greece to provide you legal assistance and have your sport’s law dispute case resolved from the best Sports Lawyers of Economou & Economou law office in Greece, contact us at (+30) 210 3603824 or at

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