Military Law 

Military Law 

Hiring Military Lawyers in Greece with a military background is the best way to face the military justice system, and Econlaw firm is the top firm in Athens, Greece to provide a winning defense. Keep in mind that the government has extensive investigative and financial resources. Unlike the presumption of innocence one expects in a civilian courtroom, the presumption of guilt is common in court-martial scenarios. A defense lawyerwith military knowledge is the best weapon one can have in their arsenal when they go up against the chain of command, regardless of whether they are guilty or innocent. Even if a military member fears that they don’t have the financial means to hire a civilian military attorney, they often find that investing in this type of defense is the only way to ensure their future financial security.

Do you have a problem regarding army?

Νeed a postponement of your military obligations?

Contact us especially if you re living abroad because Greek citizens living outside Greece may seek postponement of their conscription which extends to their 45th year of age and it impacts negatively their professional career (academic and/or work) and various minorities.

We provide guidance for documents needed in case you be been army insubordinate, if you ve missed the date of the call-up or you re unable to be enlisted to the Army due to health issues, greater force or mental health issues or religious reasons.

You can also request a postponement of your military service to obtain your doctorate. Any time between the day you register for a PhD or required to enlist in the Armed Forces

If you re received a writ of summons from the military court contact us immediately because in case you travel you might get arrested and you will have to send us a PoW in order to respresent you by the military court hearing.

If you ask for army exemption please contact Econlaw firm ASAP through our special related form or call us at (+30) 210 3603824 or contact us at


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Military Law

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