Military Law 

Military Law 

Hiring the Best Military Lawyers in Greece with a military background is the best way to face the military justice system, and Economou & Economou law firm is the top firm in Athens, Greece to provide a winning defense. Keep in mind that the government has extensive investigative and financial resources. Unlike the presumption of innocence one expects in a civilian courtroom, the presumption of guilt is common in court-martial scenarios. A defense lawyerwith military knowledge is the best weapon one can have in their arsenal when they go up against the chain of command, regardless of whether they are guilty or innocent. Even if a military member fears that they don’t have the financial means to hire the best civilian military attorney, they often find that investing in this type of defense is the only way to ensure their future financial security.

Is it mandatory to serve in the military in Greece?

Since 1914, Greece (or the Hellenic Republic) has had mandatory military service (conscription) of 12 months in the Army, Navy and the Air Force for men between the age of 19 to 45.

How can we avoid mandatory military service in Greece?

All male Greek citizens, aged between 19 and 45, are required to serve in the Armed Forces. Greek citizens living permanently outside of Greece have the right to postpone their conscription. They are permanently exempted from their military obligations when they reach the age of 45 years old.

How do I postpone my Greek military service?

Postponement is granted on the basis of a certificate of permanent residence abroad, issued only by the Greek Consular Authorities. Supporting documents should be submitted only once and not every year. You can apply for postponement of your conscription in the Armed Forces if you are legally outside the ranks of the Armed Forces and, on the date you are required to enlist, you are working either at: the United Nations (UN), in the capacity of Secretary-General, Assistant Secretary-General or as an employee.

How long is mandatory military service in Greece?

9-12 months

Conscription. Greece currently has universal compulsory military service for males from and over 18 years of age. Under Greek law, all men over 18 years of age must serve in the Armed Forces for a period of 9-12 months. Women can serve in the Greek military on a voluntary basis, but cannot be conscripted.

Can you get out of Greek military service?

Certain individuals may be exempt from military service, such as: Individuals who have a permanent residence abroad for at least 11 consecutive years. Individuals who resided abroad for living needs for at least seven consecutive years.

Contact the best military lawyers in Greece of Economou & Economou law office in Athens, especially if you re living abroad because Greek citizens living outside Greece may seek postponement of their conscription which extends to their 45th year of age and it impacts negatively their professional career (academic and/or work) and various minorities.

We provide guidance for documents needed in case you be been army insubordinate, if you ve missed the date of the call-up or you re unable to be enlisted to the Army due to health issues, greater force or mental health issues or religious reasons.

You can also request a postponement of your military service to obtain your doctorate. Any time between the day you register for a PhD or required to enlist in the Armed Forces

If you’re received a writ of summons from the military court contact us immediately because in case you travel you might get arrested and you will have to send us a Power of Attorney (POA) in order to respresent you by the military court hearing.

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