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Greek citizenship best immigration lawyers in Greece Economou & Economou law office Athens at (+30) 210 3603824 or contact us at 

About Citizenship law in Greece

As the Best Greek Citizenship Lawyers in Greece of Economou & Economou law office in Athens, we are aware that Greece offers citizenship based on the principles of jus sanguinis (right of blood) and naturalization. Simply put, you can claim Greek citizenship by descent if you have a Greek parent or grandparent, or you can obtain it through naturalization, generally requiring residency in Greece for about 7-10 years. Greek nationality law also recognizes dual citizenship, allowing you to retain another nationality alongside Greek citizenship. Additionally, Athens has introduced provisions allowing foreigners of Greek origin or financial investors to claim Greek citizenship as well. Throughout the process, several complex rules and legal procedures may apply. 

Why You May Need a Lawyer

Legal advice can be critical when dealing with citizenship matters. Various aspects of Greek citizenship laws, like establishing Greek descent, obtaining naturalization, or navigating the citizenship acquisition process for investors, might require professional assistance. Lawyers with knowledge of Greek law can help provide necessary documentation, prove the continuity of Greek ethnicity, or guide you through administrative procedures. Also, if you’re seeking citizenship but are facing legal complications such as a criminal record, a lawyer can help understand how to best proceed.

Local Laws Overview

The Greek nationality law, as defined by the Greek Constitution and legislation, sets the requirements for the acquisition and loss of Greek nationality. The essential elements are birth to a Greek parent (jus sanguinis), and for those without Greek lineage, long-term residence. In the case of naturalization, requirements include demonstrable proficiency in the Greek language and culture, along with a clean criminal record. Recently, a law was passed that provides Greek citizenship to descendants of Greek Jews and Greeks who emigrated abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I acquire Greek citizenship by marriage?

Yes, marriage to a Greek citizen alone doesn’t grant Greek citizenship, but it can ease the process. You still need to meet the residence and cultural integration requirements.

When can I apply for citizenship through naturalization?

As a foreign resident, you can typically apply for naturalization if you’ve been legally living in Greece for seven to ten years.

Can I hold dual citizenship with Greece?

Yes, Greek law permits dual citizenship. You can retain your existing nationality while gaining Greek citizenship.

Do I automatically qualify for Greek citizenship if I have Greek ancestry?

Not automatically, but having Greek ancestry simplifies the process. Typically, you must prove your direct lineage to a Greek citizen, usually through birth or marriage records.

Does Greece offer citizenship by investment?

Currently, Greece offers residency rather than citizenship to investors. The “Golden Visa” programme grants a five-year residence permit in return for a real estate purchase of 250,000 Euros or more.

Do minors with a Greek parent automatically get Greek citizenship?

Yes, children who are born to at least one Greek parent typically receive Greek citizenship at birth.

Can I lose my Greek citizenship?

Greek citizenship can be lost by voluntary renunciation. Loss through a foreign naturalisation, however, is dependent on specific circumstances.

What is the language requirement for Greek citizenship?

Applicants for naturalization must demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of the Greek language, history, and culture.

What is the role of local authorities in the citizenship application process?

Local municipal or community offices play a significant role in the citizenship process including maintaining and furnishing the necessary birth, marriage, and death records.

Are there any special rights granted to the diaspora with Greek roots?

Yes, the Greek state has provisions to offer citizenship to individuals of Greek origin or diaspora members who maintain strong ties with Greece.

Additional Resources

For those in search for additional information, consider reaching out to the Greek Ministry of Interior or the Greek Embassy in your country. They can provide you with comprehensive and updated legal advice on citizenship matters. There are also numerous online platforms and forums providing insights from individuals who have been through the procedures. However, always consider getting legal counsel from a professional for personalized advice.

Next Steps

If you seek the best Best Greek Citizenship Lawyers in Greece of Economou & Economou law office in Athens for legal assistance regarding your Greek citizenship application or inquiries, the first step is to contact a knowledgeable lawyer in Greek nationality law. Gather all related documents that prove your eligibility, such as birth certificates, proof of residence or Greek lineage evidence. It may also be beneficial to map out your case or any questions you might have beforehand. After you have collected all the necessary information, schedule a meeting with your attorney to get a clear understanding of your situation and the legal steps required. Remember, every case is unique, so getting personalized legal advice is essential.

Consultation for Your Citizenship Goals: Ready to embark on your citizenship journey? Contact us the Best Greek Citizenship Lawyers in Greece of Economou & Economou law office in Athens for a consultation tailored to your specific needs. Let’s chart a course for your success in making Greece your new home.

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