Divorce Law

Divorce Law

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In Greek family law, there are two types of divorce proceedings. The first one is:

divorce by mutual consent results in dissolution of marriage by a notarial act is fast and easy since the court route is being bypassed.

What are the necessary documents needed for a consensual divorce?

According to the provisions of Law 2509/22-12-2017, The contract shall be signed before the Register of the competent County Court in the region of the couple’s residence. The contract shall be signed before the Register of the competent County Court in the region of the couple’s residence. Following ten (10) days from the signing of the contract, the couple shall visit a notary of their choice, which then ratifies their agreement, that is, issue the consensual divorce.

What documents are required for the issuance of a Consensual divorce?

1.Private dissolution of marriage agreement (drawn up by a lawyer)

2.Private agreement on custody, maintenance & custody of minor children (if any) (drawn up by a lawyer)

3.Identities of spouses

4.Marriage certificate

5.Birth certificate of children

6.Certificate of Family Status

followed by a discussion with a predetermined appointment before the notary with the presence of the 2 spouses or their lawyers only if they have previously provided them with a power of attorney in case the spouses do not wish to be present in person. The divorce is then granted in a short and rapid procedure lasting only a few days.

How is a marriage performed abroad resolved?

According to Articles 16 and 14 of the CC, since the parties do not have a common nationality and their last common habitual residence during the marriage was Greece.

How long does the divorce take effect?

In the case of consensual divorce from 10 to 30 days and in the case of a divorce by adversarial proceedings from about 12 to 24 months.

You’ve been separated for two years already?

You can ask for an immediate divorce due to two years of separation.

Have you already obtained a divorce decree abroad?

With our guidance, you can proceed with the recognition of a foreign divorce decree in Greece, since a divorce decree issued by a foreign court is recognised after its official translation by a court decision and is also valid in Greece if certain conditions are met.For more info visit here: website

The second type of divorce is:

A contested divorce which is the most complicated of divorces because it involves spouses who can’t agree on one or more divorce-related issues in their case, brings an action for the dissolution of the marriage to the Court of First Instance. This is followed by a hearing before the court and after the hearing, a divorce decree is expected to be issued. In Greece, divorce requires a final judgment that cannot be appealed or revoked. Greek courts have jurisdiction over divorces if at least one spouse is a Greek citizen.

Family dispute cases are sometimes by their nature the most difficult to handle, as such cases usually accumulate a huge amount of emotional baggage and stress that we know about, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are here to help you by taking the weight off your shoulders and finding someone you can trust and confide in to deal with such sensitive family cases

You can rest assured that as trusted & experienced Family Lawyers in Greece, we successfully cover all family law disputes that may arise though marriage and family relationships and can provide you with services in:

Divorce by mutual consent/non mutual consent

Legal joint custody of children

Spousal and child support

Visitation and communication rights

Domestic violence


Marital legitimacy/parental status

Division of matrimonial property

Enforcement of foreign divorce decrees

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