Wanna Invest in Greece? If you want to invest in Greece you ll need help from the experienced investment lawyers of Economou & Economou law office. We know that Navigation of international investment law in Greece requires a nuanced understanding of the legal landscape. Greece, like many countries, has established frameworks to attract and regulate foreign investments, balancing the interests of investors with national economic priorities. What are the Key Aspects of International Investment Law in Greece? 1. Investment Protection:    Greece typically provides a legal framework to protect the rights of foreign investors. This includes safeguards against expropriation without proper compensation and ensuring fair...

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Tax Law

Tax lawyers in Athens Greece

Economou & Economou law office, where expertise meets excellence in tax law. Our seasoned team of legal professionals is dedicated to navigating the complex landscape of tax regulations to ensure your financial interests are protected.At Economou & Economou law office we understand the intricate details of tax law and offer comprehensive services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a business seeking strategic tax planning or an individual facing fiscal challenges, our attorneys are committed to providing sound legal advice and practical solutions.Our practice areas encompass tax planning, compliance, dispute resolution, and litigation. We pride ourselves on staying abreast...

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Divorce Law

Divorce Lawyer in Greece

CONSENSUAL DIVORCE IN NOTARY In Greek family law, there are two types of divorce proceedings. The first one is: divorce by mutual consent results in dissolution of marriage by a notarial act is fast and easy since the court route is being bypassed. What are the necessary documents needed for a consensual divorce? According to the provisions of Law 2509/22-12-2017, The contract shall be signed before the Register of the competent County Court in the region of the couple's residence. The contract shall be signed before the Register of the competent County Court in the region of the couple's residence. Following ten (10)...

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Competition Law

Competition Lawyers in Greece

Welcome to Economou & Economou law firm, where the spirit of fair competition thrives and legal excellence prevails. As a leading competition law firm of the best Competition Lawyers in Greece, we are dedicated to ensuring that businesses navigate the complexities of antitrust regulations with confidence and integrity. Competition law is the field of law that promotes or seeks to maintain market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies. Our legal team in Econlaw law firm has handled complex and interesting cases particularly those involving the increasingly active Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC). EU Antitrust policy is developed from Articles 101 and 102 of...

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Transportation & Logistics Law

Transportation & Logistics Lawyers in Greece

More and more goods are transported by a combination of methods, including road, rail, ship and air. The rapidly growing and evolving transportation and logistics industry requires an understanding of regulations, legislation, insurance and supply chain management. The logistics and transport world is increasingly global and is influenced by a system of national and international laws. For companies to remain competitive and compliant, they need guidance from trained Transportation & Logistics Lawyers in Greece like us Embark on a Juridical Journey of Precision with Economou & Economou law office Welcome to the epitome of logistics law expertise — Economou & Economou law...

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Diaspora lawyers in Greece

At Economou & Economou law office in Athens Greece, we take pride in recognizing and celebrating the remarkable achievements of the Greek diaspora. Spread across the globe, this vibrant community embodies a spirit of resilience, determination, and success. **1. Global Impact:** Our global Hellenic community has left an indelible mark in various fields, from business and academia to arts and philanthropy. The Greek diaspora serves as a testament to the enduring values of hard work, integrity, and innovation. **2. Cultural Heritage:** Rooted in the rich tapestry of Greek culture, the diaspora has not only preserved its heritage but has also shared it with the...

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Traffic Law

Traffic Accident Lawyers in Greece

A car accident lawyer is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in tort law surrounding car accidents. Traffic Accident Lawyers in Greece can help you pursue the fullest compensation possible by helping you understand your rights, offering legal advice, and negotiating for a fair settlement. Car accident lawyers are knowledgeable about the laws surrounding car accident injuries and can help you navigate the complex legal process. In Greece, the at-fault party is liable for all damages, and the injured party can seek compensation for their damages. They can go through all relevant laws and provide the best advice on how...

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Intellectual Property Law

We are aware that intangible property can sometimes be more precious and hard to keep safe for an entrepreneur than immovable property. We fully understand your concerns and appreciate the effort and creativity it takes to reach the desired results. That is why we offer a wide range of services, such as: trademark protection and registration both national and worldwide copyright infringement protection patent protection and registration design rights trade secrets Problems with piracy and counterfeiting issues How to transfer of intellectual property rights franchising factoring and licensing Your rights as employee to inventions  For a word/sign/symbol to be registered as...

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Corporate Law

Corporate Lawyers in Greece

Economou & Economou law office has Corporate Lawyers in Athens, Greece that are capable to choose the proper legal structure before forming a company in Greece and represent clients in all aspects and stages of financing transactions, from negotiations through documentation to conclusion, in which we are engaged by clients acting in various capacities: borrowers, agents, lenders, other syndicate members or the issuers of letters of credit. You can rely on us when it comes to: Company establishment formation  SA,LTD,PC,GP,LP Holding company  Offshore company Company reorganization  Company conversion  Repsentative company Foothall provision in Greece  Mergers and acquisitions How to start your...

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Employment and Labour Law

The financial crisis of 2010 that hit Greece significantly, led to significant changes also in employment. Our law firm has successfully represented both employers and employees in complex legal disputes. So if you want to minimize the risk and comply with regulations we offer a broad range of services in: Employment agreements Employee manuals Unlawful dismissal and compensation Unlawful change of employment duties  Salary disputes Discrimination and harassment Labor - management relations Independent contractor issues Wage and Overwork/unpaid overtime disputes  ...

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