Court for drunk driving?

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Court for drunk driving?

Court for drunk driving

Drink driving is a serious offence that can have tragic consequences for both the driver of the vehicle and the citizens on the roads, and also leads to significant legal penalties for offenders if found guilty of drink driving by referral to court

It is therefore very important to understand what the law on drink driving, the penalties and fines provided, so that one can understand the limits set by the law, assess the potential risks and also obtain appropriate professional legal assistance when required.

What are the drink-driving limits, fines and penalties set out in the Code of Administrative Offences?

  • From 0.50 g/l. to 0.80 g/l. in blood or from 0.25 to 0.40 mm measured in air, the fine is 200 euros, immobilisation of the vehicle and 5 penalty points.
  • From 0.80 g/liter to 1.10 g/liter in the blood or above 0.40 to 0.60 milligrams per liter measured with air, the fine is 700 euros, immobilization of the vehicle, withdrawal of driving licence for 90 days and 9 penalty points.
  • From 1.10 grams per litre measured by blood sampling or more than 0.60 milligrams per litre measured by air, the fine is EUR 1,200, imprisonment for at least 2 months, withdrawal of driving licence and vehicle registration plates for 6 months.
  • Re-offence within 2 years of the finding of a previous offence of driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 1.10 g/liter or more than 0.60 milligrams of alcohol per liter measured in air, a fine of 2,000 euros, imprisonment of at least 6 months, withdrawal of driving license for 5 years and vehicle registration plates for up to 6 months.

What are the criminal penalties for drunk driving and causing an accident?

After the latest amendment of the Criminal Code it is stipulated that in case of driving a vehicle by a driver who cannot do so safely due to the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs or due to physical or mental exhaustion, the punishment in court due to driving with alcohol is:

  • by imprisonment for up to three (3) years if the act may result in common danger to stranger’s property,
  • by imprisonment for not less than one (1) year if the act may result in danger to a human being,
  • imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten (10) years if the act resulted in grievous bodily harm or caused substantial damage to public utility premises,
  • to a term of imprisonment of at least ten (10) years if the act resulted in the death of another person.
  • If the death of a large number of people was caused, the court may impose a life sentence.

It is clear that very heavy penalties are foreseen for drivers who have caused damage due to negligent driving because of their alcohol consumption.

How can 0.50 g/liter of blood alcohol be collected?

By way of illustration, it is possible to concentrate after drinking 490 ml of beer, 200 ml of wine or a high alcohol content drink can lead to the above concentration.

What happens if the driver refuses to give a sample?

If a person refuses to submit to a test to establish the presence of alcohol in the body, either by blood sampling or by using an alcohol measuring device, it is presumed that the concentration of alcohol in the blood is above 1.10 gr/l according to the blood sampling method. At the law firm of Economou & Economou, as the best car accident lawyers in Greece, we fully understand the seriousness of the consequences due to alcohol consumption and the impact it can have on your later life. That is why we are by your side every time you need reliable legal defense so that we can help you protect your rights with the best possible strategy. By having attorneys experienced in handling serious drunk driving cases, we can assist you before the Criminal Courts as well as before the Administrative Courts against administrative sanctions. For more information on road traffic accidents in Greece, please follow the link

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