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How much does it cost to purchase a house in Greece?

The more knowledge a buyer has regarding purchasing a house in Greece, the better. Here at Economou & Economou Law Office, we've provided a clear, concise breakdown of the expenses related to obtaining your ideal home. The top real estate attorneys in Greece at the Economou & Economou law office in Athens are available to assist with procedure management and to walk you through each step of the way. Check out what people are saying about our top-notch services. Generally speaking, fixed buying costs for investors are 5.6% of the purchase price; however, this percentage may go up based on the...

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Mortgage process and requirements to buy a house in Greece.Terms and Interest Rates.

If you intend to purchase a home in Greece, you have undoubtedly given some thought to how you would pay for it. A mortgage could be a common option, depending on your country of origin. It's not a simple task for a non-resident to obtain a mortgage in Greece, but it's helpful to know how the procedure operates.We shall outline the overall procedure for obtaining a mortgage in Greece; however, each bank's procedure may vary and be subject to annual changes. Mortgage rates in Greece typically range from 3.0% to 6.5%, depending on the bank (December 2023), and the terms...

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Buy a house in Greece as a foreigner guide 2024

The process to buy a house in Greece Considering to buy a house in Greece? Undoubtedly, investing in buying a property in Greece is going to be the best decision you will make so far. However, there are some risks with the procedures and legal system during the whole process of selecting and buying it. So, the most crucial thing to do before starting off is to do an In-depth research and find the best real estate specialized lawyer to assist you through the whole transaction procedure, otherwise, you too might fall prey to dangers like failing to protect yourself legally, currency...

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Resident investment permit in Greece to foreign subjects, owing real estate in Greece

How to obtain resident investment permit in Greece? If you dream of classical Greece! , make your dream come true by buying and living in your own house in modern Greece either in its over 3000 islands or in its mainland…..Greece, who nowadays, celebrates over the 200 years anniversary of its independence, is still teaching the world how working slaves could become free enjoying their freedom, under the generous ever shinning sun of eternal Greece. Allow us to investigate with you dear Greek friends, either EE, citizens or non in simple steps what you would need: Step number one : Tracing the real estate in...

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