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Inheritance acceptance in Greece: Legal procedures

Before becoming the owner of any estate to which they are entitled, for inheritance acceptance in Greece, requires a series of legal and administrative procedures. An heir's rights may be determined by the decedent's Will or, in the absence of a Will, by intestacy law. An estate must go through a few legal procedures before it can be accepted because Greek law covers both movable assets that are located outside of Greece and all assets that are located in Greece. Inheritance acceptance in Greece or renouncement of inheritance in Greece One must first confirm that they wish to receive the bequest. One...

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How to find out if there is a will in Greece

In Greece, there is no central register of wills. This means that searching for a will can be difficult and time-consuming. However, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of finding a will. Ask the testator's relatives: Your first move should be to contact the testator's relatives. They may know if the testator had made a will and, if so, where it is located. Contact the testator's notary public: If the testator had made a will with a notary, the notary should keep a copy of the will in his or her office. You can contact the notary...

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