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Legal services for Digital Nomads Visa in Greece

Digital Nomads in Athens: A Guide to Digital Nomads Visa Application Procedures If you’re a digital nomad planning to visit Greece, the first step is to understand the digital nomads visa application procedure. Depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit, you may require a visa to enter Greece. The types of visa available include: Reasons to become a digital nomad in Greece Greece is one of the countries with the best climate of the world, with over 300 sunshine days a year Being surrounded by like-minded people who value work-life balance and wellbeing Low cost of living for accommodation, transport, eating out...

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Transfer your UK pension to Greece

Do you have a UK pension? Make use of your chance and transfer your UK pension to GreeceIf you have contributed to an occupational or private UK pension, you could transfer the UK pension to Greece almost tax free with a flat tax of 7%, enjoying your life in residing in Greece under the Greek always shining sun, being a shield against corona viruses and blue Greek seas, leading to Healthy body, Healthy mind, either in the islands or in the Greek main land. Figuring out pension-related matters across borders can be a bit tricky, but I can offer some general...

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