What do the car crash victims claim?

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What do the car crash victims claim?


Usually after a car accident, the claims that arise for compensation for the victims stem from the cases we will mention below. By studying the circumstances of Your car accident on an individual case-by-case basis, the best traffic accidents lawyers in Greece of Economou & Economou law office in Athens, are able to responsibly guide You regarding the:


Of the damaged vehicle, which were caused by the road accident and usually consist of material damage to the vehicle, expenses incurred by the use of a taxi to transport the victim until the repair of the vehicle or, respectively, any expenses incurred by the transport of the vehicle to a storage area with a crane, claims from damaged personal belongings and, finally, moral damages from the damages caused. In any case, before proceeding with any repair of the damage, it is essential to have it checked by an expert! Usually the offender carries out the required repairs and then claims the value of the invoices and service receipts (spare parts and repair work + VAT). In any case, ask a garage or an expert (insurance company’s expert or an independent one on your instructions) for a detailed written offer that includes the damage to the vehicle and the estimated repair costs (spare parts and repair work). On the basis of this estimate you will claim the repair costs. Based on this estimate you will claim the repair costs. The experienced and trusted attorneys of the law firm of Economou & Economou are by your side at every stage to guide you as to the steps for the proper formation of your claim file. If the damaged vehicle suffers extensive damage, so that it is unprofitable to repair it, we confirm with an expert’s report the unprofitable nature of the repair and the type and value of the “salvage” (i.e. the amount that can be sold), what is left of the damaged vehicle) and on the basis of this assessment you can claim the amount of the commercial value of your vehicle (as it was before the accident), but deducting the value of the “salvage”.


Bodily injury means any injury suffered by the victim of a road accident, irrespective of its extent and severity, and irrespective of the post-traumatic recovery period it may cause, i.e. not only the most serious injury, e.g. amputation, but also a simple injury. For these cases, the best car accident lawyers in Greece of the law firm Economou & Economou carefully study each case on a case-by-case basis regarding personal injuries: 


That is, all expenses paid by the victim to cover any medical visits and examinations or expenses for X-rays, physiotherapy and the purchase of medicines and orthopaedic products (crutches, wheelchairs, artificial limbs). Finally, the calculation of the costs paid by the sufferer for transport to hospital by ambulance and the fees of a dedicated nurse or domestic helpers should not be excluded, even if these persons are members of your family or friends. For all the above expenses the deceased is entitled to compensation, so you should keep the receipts. It is important to know that even if the insurance institution pays a certain amount for these medical expenses, this amount is included and deducted from the claim, and in special circumstances, you may even receive the full amount of the expenses as compensation.


In the sense that some injuries also require future surgical treatment, therefore based on medical opinions, the experienced lawyers of the law firm Economou & Economou inform you under which circumstances the sufferer is entitled to claim such expenses. 3) COST OF IMPROVED NUTRITION

Since it is very likely that, depending on the size and type of injury, doctors may recommend that you take an improved diet, i.e. consumption of foods enriched in ingredients such as calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, which diet of course requires additional expenditure compared to the usual diet that one makes under normal circumstances and of course this difference is required. 


Where it is one of the most important categories and the experienced car accident lawyers of the law firm Economou & Economou essentially pays great attention in order to calculate in detail and correctly all the income, together with gifts and other benefits (e.g. tips), which the sufferer lost following the incapacity to work (which is likely to result in the loss of some income for a certain period of time), due to the injury caused by the car accident and is entitled to claim them. 


Since a road accident causes distress and intense shock, and in case of injury, mental damage, and also due to the general suffering suffered by the victim of the accident, he/she is entitled to compensation for moral damages, which is one of the most important claims after a road accident.


When the traffic accident has caused a disability or deformity to the victim and which will have an effect on his/her future, in which case it is an independent claim for compensation, since it will essentially bring about changes in the professional, economic and social development of the victim.


This is perhaps the most specific case of compensation and is the claim retained by the heirs of the person who died in a road traffic accident and, accordingly, by those who were entitled to claim maintenance or services from him or her, as well as by his or her relatives (on account of mental anguish). Similarly, they claim expenses as in the above cases, i.e. property damage, damages that the deceased’s vehicle may have suffered (repair, compensation for total destruction, compensation for reduction in commercial value), for transport and storage of the vehicle, for the deceased’s personal belongings that were destroyed, for all kinds of expenses for the deceased’s hospitalization (if the deceased was hospitalized after the accident and until its conclusion) and even for exclusive nurses. Furthermore, funeral expenses and finally, financial compensation for mental suffering, i.e. the special mental pain experienced on the occasion of the death of a loved one, which in principle cannot be valued in money, but which is nevertheless awarded reasonable compensation for such pain. For all the above claims arising from a road accident, the parties liable to compensate the victim are 1) the company insuring the damaging car 2) the owner of the damaging car 3) the driver of the damaging car. All of them are jointly and severally liable. Our goal as the best car accident lawyers in Greece of the law firm Economou & Economou in Athens, is not only to be compensated, but to be compensated as soon as possible and of course to be compensated in the highest possible amount, which is why we study each case individually and impartially, avoiding any delay and where necessary we take legal action, since our collaborating Lawyers specialize in dealing with traffic accidents, acquiring full knowledge of Your case, informing You about each stage of the procedure, up to the moment of Your compensation, either out of court or by issuing a Judicial Decision.

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